Zuziwe Msomi

Zuziwe Msomi is a new lecturer to the Centre for African Studies. She earned her Masters with distinction from Rhodes University, and is currently reading for her PhD in Political Studies. Her Masters was titled Indigenous Medicinal Knowledge and Intellectual Property Law. Case Study: Alice Pelargonium Case

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The PhD focuses on what discursive strategies are used in describing ‘raced’ experiences, and whether the discursive strategies either challenge or reinforce a culture of whiteness. All human beings organise their talk in particular ways to achieve specific ends, whether it be to order coffee right through to protecting privilege. 

Both the Masters and the PhD share the common threads of domination, oppression and agency. In the first case, in terms of the law can be both limited and useful to protecting commonly held indigenous knowledge; and in the latter, in discovering what talk does in terms of holding onto or challenging a status quo which may privilege some but not others.