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Teaching Collaborations

Teaching Collaborations




This third year level course aims to introduce students to critical debates in the political economy of Africa, with specific reference to Sub-Saharan Africa. See link below to read more about the course offering.

Engagement with the A/Xarra Restorative Justice Forum

Partnership with A/Xarra on
Socially Engaged & Responsive Teaching
2019 - 2020

A Brief background:

This teaching collaboration worked towards creating African philosophies and new theories on research ethics and knowledge production processes aimed at addressing material inequalities. It also set out to answer questions regarding the role of organic and public intellectuals in knowledge production in an African university context – what are the new emerging research questions and teaching and learning imperatives? What are the limitations of theory? Students were expected to develop and demonstrate a grasp of Afrocentric approaches to knowledge production and theories, and begin to formulate such approaches themselves through social engagement. Focus group discussion held on 31 January 2020 comprised of students and A/Xarra members who participated in the course. Prospective students asked to join the dialogue as they were interested in the course and the community engagement aspects.