Research and teaching collaboration discussions - Universiteit Leiden: University College The Hague

23 Nov 2016 - 10:30

A small team of senior academic researchers from Leiden University College The Hague (affiliated to the Interfaculty Institute, the African Studies Centre Leiden) recently held discussions on possible research collaborations with NRF Chair on Land Reform and Democracy, A C Jordan Chair and Director of CAS, Professor Lungisile Ntsebeza. The team comprised Professor Judi Mesman , Dean of the Leiden University College; Dr Ingrid Samset (a former researcher at CAS in the late 1990s and now Assistant Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies); Dr Josien de Klerk (who researches politics around ageing and care with regards to AIDS in East-Africa);  Caroline Archambault (researcher in human rights, international development, and demography in sub-Saharan Africa including natural resource management, education, urban informal settlements, and migration through the lens of gender and childhood/youth studies) and  Dr David Ehrhardt (Assistant Professor in International Development, who is a researcher in conflict and institutions, particularly in northern Nigeria). Discussions of mutual interest for possible collaboration included the teaching of the 2017 undergraduate African Studies major and strengthening the connections between the two institutions through peer review of essays, a possible global classroom course in African Studies, and strengthening comparative studies on the continent. CAS Research Officer Dr June Bam-Hutchison also participated in the discussions.