Imbewu yeNtlombe

19 Jun 2017 - 16:00

Intlombe is the musical gathering of Xhosa speaking peoples where traditional healers and townsfolk create a spiritual moment by singing songs accompanied by various traditional instruments, namely the voices, foot shakers, and the cowhide drum!

This offering/ piece will adventure into the conceptual idea of what makes space spiritual and what creates the pulsating energy that makes musical gatherings inTlombe ‘like’. Therefore not only looking at inTlombe in the traditional Xhosa context, but the links between the spiritual languages that music made by African peoples has in its many forms. The purpose is to feel what spirits remain and live within the instruments that African indigenous instrumentalists play as they act as mediums using instruments to connect to the spiritual world. Therefore I present IMBEWU YENTLOMBE.

Venue: C7 SACM

Cost: Free

Time : 19:00

Date: 19 June