CAS hosts KhoiSan dialogue consultation

4 Apr 2018 - 07:45

There has been a strong lobby to rename 'Memorial Hall' (previously the Jameson Hall) after the late Sarah Baartmann.

Representatives of the Khoi networks have made strong arguments that the horrific ordeal suffered by Baartmann (whose body was mutilated in Paris in the early nineteenth century to serve racist science) is integrally linked to higher education research and teaching and therefore to social justice for the indigenous descendant people of the Cape where UCT is physically located.

Many university scholars worldwide have benefited from researching Sarah Baartmann and continue to do so. This first consultation process was facilitated by award-winning journalist Sylvia Vollenhoven who is also writer of the recently published KhoiSan-inspired Keeper of the Kumm. Other participants included well known Khoi activist Bradley Van Sitters who led the spiritual and cleansing ceremony of the CAS gallery before the dialogue consultation commenced.

Vice Chancellor Dr Max Price and Chair of the NOBC and Council member, Advocate Norman Arendse, also participated in the spiritual ceremony and were in attendance at the inaugural dialogue.

Dr June Bam-Hutchison (CAS and Nominee of the President of Convocation) convened the dialogue process for the DVC Transformation and the NOBC.