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Conferences and Webinars

Conferences and Webinars

Third ‘Rethinking Africa’ Catalytic Pre-colonial Conference

CAS in collaboration with A/Xarra Restorative Justice Forum

Venue: CAS gallery

University of Cape Town

 23-24 January 2020

Funded by: National Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences

"What is an African Philosophy? Contemporary challenges and imperatives for political and economic policies in southern Africa."

The identified conference themes therefore flow from this scholarship trajectory as we go into the future:

  • Human Remains, repatriation philosophies and land
  • Indigeneity, migrations and non-racialism (the land question)
  • Indigenous languages, philosophies and endogenous knowledge
  • Land, belonging and philosophies
  • Organic intellectuals, philosophies and knowledge partnerships (case studies in southern Africa and the global south)
  • Research Ethics and Philosophies (emerging frameworks for epistemological justice)
  • The ritual archive, philosophies and entanglement
  • The Traditional ‘Khoisan’ Bill and Communities: emerging new national questions

See the poster here and the programme here

The co-design knowledge partnership led to the establishment of the Khoi and San Unit which will develop into an Institute.


!Gâ re – Rangatiratanga– Dadirri:  Decolonizing the 'capture of knowledge'

29 July 2020

'Decolonising Knowledge Capture: Indigenous Threshold Concepts'  Room 1