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Professor Saul Dubow

Professor Saul DubowProfessor Saul Dubow, currently Professor of History at Cambridge University, grew up in South Africa and studied at the universities of Cape Town and Oxford. He has taught at the universities of Sussex and Queen Mary, London. 

His teaching and research concentrates on the history of modern South Africa from the early-nineteenth century to the present. He has published widely on the development of racial segregation and apartheid.

Dubow is best known for his seminal works on Colonial science and knowledge (racial segregation and apartheid; the history of race, eugenics, nationalism and ethnicity).

Of his well known works are:  Racial Segregation and the Origins of Apartheid in Twentieth Century South Africa, 1919-36 (London, 1989); Scientific Racism in Modern South Africa (Cambridge, 1995);  A Commonwealth of Knowledge: Science, Sensibility and White South Africa 1820-2000 (Oxford, 2006); South Africa’s Struggle for Human Rights (Johannesburg and Ohio, 2012) and Apartheid: 1948-1994 (Oxford, 2014)