CAS's Bam-Hutchison collaborates with South Korean scholars

16 Apr 2018 - 08:15

June Bam-Hutchison establishes international pre-colonial research collaboration with Asia and Latin America.

Bam-Hutchison travelled to Seoul, South Korea, in March/April 2018 on respective invitations from Jeju National University and Kyung Hee University.

She was invited to present at the international 'Genocide and Literature' conference. Her paper titled 'Remains, Disruptions and Remembering'  discussed post-apartheid 'KhoiSan-identified' South African women's writing in addressing epistemicide, which includes her own literary writing and Sylvia Vollenhoven's 'Keeper of the Kumm'.

Other invited speakers were India's Makarand R. Paranjape, Palestinian Fakhri Saleh, and Cuban scholars Jorge Fornet and Zaida Capote Cruz. She was also invited to present a further lecture on 'decolonisation' and epistemological strategies for higher education in South Africa at Kyung Hee University on 2 April.

One of the outcomes of her visit and presentations is her appointment as a board member of a newly formed international 'Asia, Africa and Latin America Genocide Studies Research Group' with esteemed colleagues from South Korea, India, Palestine and Cuba.

Bam-Hutchison's current main research focus area at CAS is the pre-colonial and recovering 'lost' knowledges. Her role in the collaboration would be to set up and consolidate research partnerships in this research field on the continent.