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Archeology and Decoloniality by Nick Shepherd, Cristobal Gnecco and Alejandro Haber

  • Shepherd, N, Gnecco, C and A. Haber (2016) Arqueología y decolonialidad [Archaeology and Decoloniality]. Buenos Aires: Ediciones del Signo and the Centre for Global Studies and the Humanities, Duke University.

The discipline of archeology has been generally absent from the contemporary discussion about decoloniality and critiques of colonialism and modernity. This book aims to correct that situation. Our intention is that the three essays that make up the book should be an opening statement in the engagement between archeology and decoloniality. On the one hand, we offer a specifically archaeological perspective on decolonial thought and practice. On the other hand, we present a decolonial perspective on archaeological guiding ideas and forms of practice, as a transformative project in an undisciplined archeology.

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