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Official CAS Statement: On the Closure of the Exhibition

Date: 22 March 2006

The Echoing Voices from Within exhibition curated by the Rhodes Must Fall (RMF) movement at the CAS Gallery will remain closed until the RMF movement has held a plenary and decided on its re-opening.

This emerged from a meeting called by the CAS Gallery with various stakeholders of the RMF movement. The agreement reached was that the exhibition will remain closed until RMF has held a plenary meeting with its members to resolve the issues that were raised during a protest at the launch of the exhibition on 9 March by the Trans Collective.

To view ongoing conversations, statements and press clips on the exhibition, please continue to visit our website.

The CAS Gallery remains committed to support the right of all people to express their views in the rethinking of issues and challenges in Higher Education in South Africa. To this end CAS will continue to provide a platform where these debates can be promoted and cherished.

CAS Gallery