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A/Xarra Restorative Justice Forum


A/Xarra Restorative Justice Forum

The Xarra Restorative Justice Forum was established at CAS in 2018 as a co-design knowledge and research partnership with a number of Civic and Traditional Khoi and San structures. It has functioning research commissions in land, language, human remains, women and youth. It has also recently established a Covid 19 research commission. It has played a leading role in transformation initiatives at UCT such as the Naming of the Sarah Baartmann Memorial Hall and the teaching of foundational Khoekhoegowab to the community.

A brief timeline of A/Xarra Restorative Justice forum at UCT:

The establishment of the A/Xarra Restorative Justice Forum at the Centre For African Studies, University of Cape Town (2017 – 2018)

The UCT campus is situated on land that was respectively settled on by the San and Khoi for thousands of years.Huri #oaxa – Mountain rising out the sea